JavaScript Explained

JavaScript Explained

The Book
To Easily Learn
Modern JavaScript

JavaScript Explained Book Cover from Zac Gordon and OS Training

What You Will Learn

  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Modern Coding Techniques
  • Common Web APIs
  • Code Organization

How You Will Learn

🧠 1 Part Theory to
💻 30 Parts Practice

Each chapter of the book teaches one concept using clear explanations and examples. Then, the following chapter gives thirty exercises to practice that concept.

This approach helps you understand the core concepts of JavaScript and also get comfortable writing it on your own.

The final section of the book walks through building, deploying and refactoring a production JavaScript app.

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Table of Contents


Working with Simple Data

Learn how to work with some of the most common building blocks of JavaScripts.


Simple Data Exercises

Start off at the very beginning with some easy and helpful coding exercises.


Writing Reusable Code

Early on we learn about DRY – do not repeat yourself. Here we explore functions and their various applications and styles.


Reusable Code Exercises

Practice writing different types of functions in their various styles. Explore parameters and returning values.


Using Complex Data

Get into working with arrays, objects and more complex types of data we commonly use in JavaScript.


Complex Data Exercises

Learn how to create arrays and objects to store and manipulate data.


The Browser API

This chapter explains how to work with creating and modifying HTML and working with user events.


Browser API Exercises

Get comfortable manipulating content and creating custom user interactions.


The Fetch API

Learn about how to request data from third party APIs and use them in your JavaScript.


Fetch API Exercises

Practice getting and using data from a variety of popular free APIs.


Organizing Your Code

In this chapter we learn about imports, exports, component architecture and how to use modern build tools.


Code Organization Practice

Practice setting up build tools and organizing code for larger projects.


Building a Full Application

Here we will build a full application from scratch using everything we have learned.


Next Steps

Get a head start on what to do now that you have learned JavaScript.

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About the Author

Zac Gordon is a professional educator, with years of experience teaching at high schools, colleges, bootcamps and online learning sites like JavaScript for WordPress, Frontend Masters, Udemy, Udacity and Treehouse.

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